January 14, 2013

Sometimes AAPL falls far from tree!

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First call delivered over 3% (see Smartpredictor.com Strategy Grid for AAPL from 12/18/12)  but now with AAPL peeking below 501.23 (and not yet delivering a CLOSE 501.23 on WEEKLY/MONTHLY degree) – the prospects for AAPL are eroding.

Smartp Strategy Grid is leaning on NEUTRAL to SELL for AAPL. STOPS are on the Grid.

20130114 AAPL SSG.png
20130114 AAPL SSG.png (43.3 KiB) Not viewed yet

Remember it is on NEUTRAL to SELL but not on clean long term SELL which occurs below 501.23 MONTHLY/WEEKLY CLOSE with 1st target of 378.nn if that were to occur.

Here is a statistical mean reversion model for AAPL which says to be wary on AAPL until April/Aug 2013

20130114 AAPL MRM.png
20130114 AAPL MRM.png (96.85 KiB) Not viewed yet
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